Pastor's Corner

This week's thought



" I have fed you with milk, and not with meat. For hither to e were not able to bear it, neither yet now are ye able" (1 Cor 3:2)

Paul is saying, " I wanted you to grow. I wanted to give you solid food, but you are still acting like babies so I can only give you milk."

God wants to give us solid food. He wants to give us the deep things, the things the world never understood.... so many people who who have been in church their whole lives have been on milk, but God has been wanting to fill them with solid food from his word. He so wants to show you deep things, amazing things  and incredible things. God wants us to understand how to live, to grow, to prosper and change the world. Babies must quit drinking milk after awhile and go on to solid food. So it is with Christians. After awhile we should have learned Jesus really did forgive all our sins. We must get beyond the milk and get the essentials down. Start living clean, living free, living holy so you can go on. If you really want to receive the deep things of God, If you really want to see the supernatural power of God manifested in your life you must get the solid food. Thank God for the milk, but we must not stay on milk only. If we are going to grow strong in the Lord and flex  our spiritual muscles in the face of the Devil..... It's time to move on to the deep things of God....... Time is running out 


Pastor Roberts